Three Reasons to Hire a Wedding Band


Three reasons to hire a wedding band 

When planning your wedding, you may wonder if it’s really worth hiring a live band, and find yourself hoping that a DJ or someone to simply power up a speaker or two will suffice. However, there really is nothing like a group of professional performers to get your reception party going and make it one for all to remember. Ahead, we’ll delve into three of the reasons that you should consider hiring a wedding band for your special day.

To bring family together

Most of us have songs that remind us of particular moments in our lives. Perhaps, there’s a song that takes us back to childhood, or one that’s guaranteed to get everybody up and moving at family occasions. Whether there’s a favourite song that we share with our grandparents, or one we’ve always envisioned for a father-daughter dance, hiring a band to sing live at your wedding is a wonderful way to do these special moments and memories justice.

One of the pros of hiring a live wedding band is that you have an extra level of control over your wedding music – because ultimately, you’re not just dealing with a soundtrack, but real people. Consider asking your wedding band if they can interact with your guests, and adapt their song choices depending on who is up on the dance floor. You might want to put in some song requests for different family members for a special surprise.


To energise and entertain

After a three-course meal and some potentially lengthy family speeches, your wedding guests may start to feel a little weary. At this point in the evening, you need something to get all your favourite people up and dancing, and for this, a live band can be particularly re-energising.


Some bands will go one step further than just performing on stage, dancing around your dinner tables and leaping onto chairs (with your venue’s permission, of course). A brass band is an especially popular choice for this kind of performance and makes for a warm, engaging and fun-filled atmosphere for your guests.

For action-shot photos

By the time your wedding band gets going, your staged family portraits will have long since wrapped up. Unfortunately, many couples miss out on the opportunity to capture their guests having fun late into the evening – often opting to save their budget, rather than risk hiring a photographer to take candid shots of dancing that may or may not happen.

Luckily, hiring a wedding band is a sure-fire way to keep your guests partying long into the night – so, you can be sure that there will be some great action shots for your photographer to capture. While a swinging jazz band will make for a swanky backdrop for your wedding reception photos, a folk band will perfectly add to the ambience of a more rustic wedding.

Make it personal

Hiring a wedding band is an easy way to upgrade your wedding entertainment, contributing to the laid back, celebratory atmosphere of your evening reception. Usually, you’ll only get to experience a live band performing for you personally once in your life – making an already special day even more meaningful and memorable.

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