Oh No She Didn’t: What to Wear and What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

You’ve just received an invitation to your friend’s wedding. If you are anything like me you are already thinking of what to wear. Something you also want to consider is what NOT to wear. Whether you are a seasoned wedding guest or a first time attendee it is important to note that proper wedding guest attire can vary depending on the style of the wedding. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t create a wedding faux pas this season:

1. Read the Invitation

It might be stating the obvious, but sometimes in the excitement we miss what is right in front of us. You might not have noticed the dress code specifically stated on the invitation the first time through. If there is a dress code then simply follow it. Unsure of what terms such as ‘semi-formal’ or ‘smart casual’ mean? Ask your friends and family or do a quick “Google” search. If all else fails ask the bride. It is always better to ask then to show up looking like you didn’t get the memo.

2. Always match your outfit to the occasion

Keep your invitation handy, like above, you can pull fashion cues right from it. Is the invitation fun and flirty or elegant and formal? Does the wedding take place indoors or outside? Is it after 6 o’clock or during the day? If the wedding takes place outdoors on a beach in the middle of the day then a cute sundress might be the perfect choice for guest attire. If the ceremony takes place inside a place of worship or after 6 o’clock then your best best might be a cocktail dress. Always remember to pay attention to the color scheme on the invitation so as to avoid showing up looking like you belong in the bridal party.

3. Wear the right shoes

Are you normally a “high-heels” girl? If not then you might not want to test your balance on this particular day. Try to avoid super high heels and if you plan on dancing the night away make sure your shoes are comfortable. Also, take note of the wedding location. Is it a beach or a lush green lawn? If so, we strongly suggest flats or even wedges. Nothing is worse than trying to walk across a sandy beach in heels and sinking with every step you take. Besides, do you really want to ruin a good pair of shoes?

4. Avoid anything too tight, too short, or too low cut

Avoid them separate, but more importantly avoid them at the same time. There is nothing wrong with showing off a little skin once in awhile, but there is a time and place for that and weddings are definitely not one of them. You might think it looks good, but the attention should be on the bride. And please keep your undergarments to yourself.

                                        5. The Little Black Dress

Even though you can never go wrong with a “LBD”, going to a wedding in head-to-toe black may make you appear as though you are in mourning. It is not a funeral. Weddings are happy and fun occasions. If you do opt to wear black be sure to dress it up with some fun accessories and a splash of color. Throw on a pair of hot pink heels or bright red lipstick to liven it up and match the room full of colorful, lively guests.

6. The Tacky Tiara

Unless you are the bride or you were just announced prom queen and decided to crash the reception, skip the tiara. The bride should be the only princess at the wedding. Not only is it rude to wear a crown to someone else’s wedding, but it will also make you look attention-seeking and ridiculous.

7. Shorts, Jeans, and T-shirts

Not appropriate at any wedding. Just don’t do it.

8. Wearing White

While the above list may be considered a guideline, this one I consider a rule. This may be an old-fashioned rule, maybe the bride is very progressive and doesn’t care either way. But wearing a white dress to a wedding just makes you look tacky to everyone else. With a plethora of colors to choose from there really is no excuse to show up in a white dress. Lately brides have decided to choose white, cream, or ivory gowns for their bridesmaids and have even requested guests to wear white, but if this isn’t the case, then just don’t do it.

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