Couple of the Month ~ Jane + Eric


Couple of the month for October is Jane and Eric. Read about their story here.

Eric and I (Jane) met 7 years ago on OkCupid. We have been long distance for 7 years; Michigan to Ohio, Indiana to Ohio, and New Hampshire to Ohio. Although our days of long distance are almost over, our relationship has never  felt long distance as we have always prioritized communication. We made sure to visit when we can while continuously supporting each other through our personal and professional lives. 

With the love and strong bond we created, we got engaged on New Years 2021; when the ball dropped at midnight, Eric dropped to one knee. I was so happy and surprised that I was left speechless; all I could do was smile from ear to ear and nod enthusiastically ‘Yes’ . Leading up to that moment I helped him set up a beautiful backdrop in my apartment since we couldn’t go anywhere due to COVID-19. Eric played it off as he wanted to make the night feel special.

I am currently a project coordinator and Eric works in real estate; when we’re not focused on our full-time jobs we are planning our wedding. We will be having a beautiful ceremony at St. Clement Ohridski Eastern Orthodox Church and the celebration will end at Laurel Manor. Our 5 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen are going to look amazing in silver, royal blue, and white. We cannot wait to be surrounded and party with our friends and family this October!

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