The Great, Or Not So Great Out Doors: Pros & Cons To An Outdoor Wedding

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing.  Sunsets, warm weather, a nice breeze, the list goes on and on.  It can also be a horrible thing.  Lightening, hail, rain and more.  If you are undecided about whether or not to plan an outdoor wedding, here are some pros and cons:

  1. Outdoor weddings make for the best pictures! Imagine the beautiful photos that will be captured with an wedding outside.  No matter what season, something magical can be taken.
  2. The natural beauty of the outdoors adds so much more.  The color of the fall leaves or the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.  Nothing even close can me interpreted indoors.
  3. Wide open spaces.  There are no walls outside!  This can accommodate for a large amount of guests or just allow for more freedom and space.
  1. The weather plain in simple could ruin an outdoor wedding.  With selecting dates so far in advanced, you will never know the true forecast til the day of.  Depending on the state you are getting married in, it could even change hours before.  Always something to keep in mind.
  2. Comfort is key.  Even if the weather is fine there are always things like bugs and other critters that can’t be tamed.  No one wants a raccoon in their bridal party!
  3. Appropriate attire.  Along with the weather, what to wear is always changing too, especially with the ladies.  Heels always sink in the dirt, men can get hot in jackets and the list could go on.
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Happy planning!
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