10 Biggest PreWedding Mistakes

You want your wedding day to be perfect so before saying “I Do” here is a list of some of the most common mistakes before your wedding:

*Blowing off your budget- Many times brides start making purchases and booking vendors without having a budget in mind and are shocked when they realize they’ve already spent all they can afford and still need a lot for their wedding

*Messing up the marriage license- There are so many different rules surrounding marriage license so make sure you look into it and get yours in the right time frame

*Ordering your wedding dress too late- Make sure to order at least six months ahead to leave time for shipping and alterations

*Booking your hotel rooms too late- Brides tend to wait last minute to block rooms at a hotel, but keep in mind if its during busy months they may not have any room availability

*Inviting too many guests- Make sure your reception site will hold as many as your have on your guest-list, assume 80% will respond yes

*Last minute diets and beauty treatments- Don’t plan any facials, tanning or other beauty treatments the day before make an appointment at least 2 weeks ahead. After all your fittings crash dieting right before your wedding can lead to your dress not fitting!

*Underpaying invitation postage- Make sure to weigh at least one invitation before mailing them all so your know the proper amount of postage to include on there

*Ignoring religious restrictions- Meet with your officiant after getting engaged and discuss any religious rules and try to pick out a date before booking vendors

*Planning your wedding alone- If you were lucky enough to be offered help by family and friends, take it! Delegate and give each person things to take care of

*Forgetting to focus on what is important- Remember this is a start to planning your life together, not just planning a wedding

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