Quirky Wedding Reception Ideas You’ll Love

A lot of people plan to marry just the once, meaning they have to get it as right as possible the first time. This means including everything they had ever dreamed about, as long as their budget allows. Nothing is too weird for a wedding these days, with everything from theme weddings to underwater weddings like this one a consideration. With a wedding world as big as you’d like it to be, being as unique as you can be is totally acceptable!
No bride wants a wedding that is forgettable, and that’s a fact. They want to remember a classy day that gives them everything they’ve ever wanted. That said, going big is a must so check out these quirky ideas to make your wedding reception the fun celebration it should be!
Photography. One of the most popular aspects of a wedding is selfies. We live in a world full of them, so it’s only right that you incorporate them into your big day. From giant photo frames with lots of fun props, to buying unique and custom Snapchat filters to make your photos unique, you can do so much with wedding photography. Don’t forget your regular, professional photos, though. It’s nice to have fun candid pictures from the reception, but you definitely need the beautifully posed ones!
Guest Books. Guest books have been wedding additions for decades, but sticking to a pen and paper book may feel a little boring – especially as it’s something everyone does. Trying out a wedding piñata is a fun idea that everyone will get a kick out of. Have your guests write a memory or message on a piece of paper and put it in the piñata. You and your groom can than whack it on your one year anniversary. How cool is that!
Games. The reception is the time to mingle with your guests and they with each other. Sometimes, this can be awkward! Merging two families who don’t know each other is difficult but with games on the tables, ice breakers are easier. Why not go one bigger, and add in giant lawn games? Huge Jenga like this is a great idea, but you could go one better. Create labels and teams if you have enough guests for life-size chess!
Favours. Sugared almonds are on the way out and fun favours are in. Instead of offering ‘mint to be’ chocolates and standard personalised sweet packs (though these are fun!), why not have paper baggies with hangover cures on the inside for the grown-ups and boredom bags for the kids? You could include water, eye masks, mints for fresh breath and a chocolate bar for energy. These will go down so well with guests who love to dance your night away.

Quirky wedding ideas aren’t to be laughed at, they’re to be embraced. You have one shot (hopefully) to get this right and you should make your wedding a memorable occasion for absolutely everyone involved. Your day is going to be the best day of your life, give it some oomph!

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