Wedding Trends 2021


Wedding trends 2021 will show you what is current this wedding season. I believe we can all agree that 2020 was a crazy year. It affected all of us, including newly engaged couples who were planning their wedding. Several weddings were cancelled and downhearted couples were waiting for the pandemic to calm down, in order to reschedule as soon as possible. Then the year 2021 came along thankfully! The year 2021 was a fresh start to weddings with a lot of creativity, new experiences and trends, extra boldness, and more pop of colors. Keep reading to discover some popular wedding trends from 2021!

wedding trends 2021

Statement Wedding Dresses

In 2021, the traditional, basic wedding dress is out of the picture. Brides are ready to explore and bring out their creativity in their long-awaited wedding! They are prepared to add to their dresses extravagant embellishments, flower applications, and extra beads and details (such as puffy sleeves) to make their wedding dress more unique and outstanding. The more, the merrier!

Boho Vibes

Pampas grass, dried flowers, neutral color palette. All of these factors are part of the spectacular boho weddings that took place in 2021. It is such a beautiful theme and is perfect for a relaxed, laid back, and cozy wedding. The creamy beige and vintage white decor along with a pop of color makes it really stand out in the centerpieces. The extra pop of color makes everything much brighter and joyful. Boho vibes + vibrant color = perfect combo!

Welcome Bags/Boxes 

After the pandemic struck, it is hard to go out and not get worried that you will get sick. Yet, who wants to miss out on an important wedding? Therefore, to make all guests feel safe and protected, brides and grooms make sure to create a welcome bag/box for each guest. The welcome bag/box includes a mini hand sanitizer and an extra face mask. What a kind gesture to make all guests feel safe! 

Outdoor Weddings 

To add on to the boho weddings and welcome bags/boxes, outdoor weddings were a new trendsetter in 2021! The outdoor weddings are set up with long tables with tall candles, fresh flowers, and layers of plates on top of each other with an elaborate name card on top to finalize! How elegant is that? A major bonus is that the open tents make guests feel more safe and comfortable with fresh air and natural space. 

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