Bridal Shower Themes


Bridal shower themes might be on your mind if you are planning your bridal shower or are you a bridesmaid helping to organize a bridal shower. First of all, how fun and exciting! Second of all, here you will find some beautiful and unique bridal shower themes and ideas! It is very important to make sure to choose a bridal shower theme that fits the bride’s personal interests and style. This is the perfect chance to make a memorable party for the bride and get everybody excited for the wedding. Every detail matters to make this party very unique. Let’s get started on bridal shower planning!

Lemon Theme

If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade! And what better than at a bridal shower. This is a perfect theme for a summer bridal shower with lots of lemons! The color palette could be vibrant yellow, leaf green, and solid white as a background. The centerpieces filled with white and yellow roses/flowers with pale yellow linens and napkins for the tables. Additionally, some lemon shaped decorated cookies and lemon candles/hand soap for favors would be really nice. A major bonus would be a lemonade stand/bar with mason jars and gold or yellow straws!

Floral Theme

Flowers don’t tell, they show. And at a bridal shower they show a lot of love and sunshine! This is a great theme for a summer bridal shower as well! For the decor, there could be a floral letter of the bride’s initials, a white cake with fresh flowers arranged, and cookies and invitations with pretty floral designs. For a special unique touch, there can be rose or lavender mojitos with edible rose petals and lavender cocktail picks. Additionally, a bucket with flower ice cubes to hold the champagne bottles would be nice! A major bonus would be a flower bar with a variety of flowers, so people can take their personalized bouquet home!

Tiffany and Co. Theme

To all my Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s lovers, what about a Tiffany and Co. bridal shower? The color palette could be tiffany blue, white, and silver. The tables can be adorned with white roses/tulips, diamond ring napkin holders,and tiffany blue boxes wrapped in a bow with a special detail inside for gift favors. To invite all the girls, create Bride & Co. invitations and seal in a tiffany blue envelope. A major bonus would be a dessert table with tiffany blue and white gumballs, tiffany blue macarons, and tiffany blue rock crystals. You can’t get enough of Tiffany blue, am I right? Oh, and don’t forget to wear pearls!

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