3 Little Known Things About Planning A Wedding In Michigan

It’s what were known for, beautiful Michigan weddings.  But there are a few things that many people don’t know about this great state.  Here are three little known things about planning a wedding in Michigan:
  1. We can embrace all of the seasons – Michigan offers a wide variety of weather and does not stay the same the all year long. From warm summers, to beautiful winters, whatever scenery you want for your wedding can happen!
  2. From the city to the hills – Michigan provides the greatest collections of backdrops for a wedding.  If you’re looking for skyscrapers, you can go to Detroit.  If you’re more on the country song, you can travel to the Upper Peninsula.  This state has a lot more to offer than most!
  3. History beauty – no matter what season or state, Michigan has many historic features that other states do not. From Motown to Mackinaw Island, there are a lot of great aspects to embrace about the state.
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Happy planning!
Photo credit: www.pinterest.com